Monday, August 19, 2013

Face Meets Palm

It's the first day of kindergarten.  It's 12:10... I've been on my feet and talking non-stop for 3 1/2 hours.  I barely ate lunch in between opening milk cartons and chips, and I REALLY need to use the bathroom. We are attempting to line up for recess.  Kids are talking and I'm smiling and nodding as they tell me their 1,000 stories.  A little boy is looking down at his new shoes and saying something as he tugs my dress. "Oh yes I see them. Awesome." I reply robotically.
"No Ms. Wittler, not awesome! I was bleeding everywhere!"
"Oh. Wait what? Oh your knees!  I thought you were showing me your shoes."

In my attempt to pretend to hear all the little stories and smile politely so as not to hurt anyone's feelings,  by the look on this kid's face I know I totally blew it.

It's now 1:25.  It's an early dismissal (praise the Lord) and we are packing our backpacks to go home.  I'm waving a folder in the air and explaining to 24 serious little faces that they must take this folder home every day to show their mom and dad the important notes inside.
A little voice pipes up, "But I don't have a dad!  My dad died!"

Crap. Double facepalm.
I totally knew that and didn't even think about what I was saying until after I said it.  Way to go Teach.

There were a few other small failures throughout the day- forgetting names, not realizing a kiddo had no drink at lunch time, messing up the schedule...  and at the end of the day I can say one thing for certain:  I am seriously out of practice.
I am running the mile after 2 months on the couch. I'm tired and I'm sore.

Tomorrow will be better.  All my little people left school today with a smile on their face and all their body parts in tact.  It was a good day, but tomorrow will be better.  Parents, give your teachers a little extra grace this week as they ease back into the race.  We really want to be the best teachers that we can be.  There will be facepalm moments no doubt, but please forgive us because we love your kids.

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