Sunday, February 17, 2013

God vs George Washington

I love seeing the world through my daughter's eyes.  What is in her heart is at the forefront of her thoughts.  The words that she underlined are so sweet... "I was the first person, I cannot tell a lie, I am the father."  Must be God! Who else would it be? Duh.

She caught me taking this picture of her paper and was SO upset.

"Why are you taking a picture of that? I got it wrong!" she shrieked.

"Because your answer makes me happy and I love it" I replied.  

She furrowed her eyebrow and repeated, "But it's wrong." 

"Being right is not always what counts."

Someday when she is a mama she will understand.
My daughter's heart... Lovely

Friday, February 1, 2013

"Sushi Palace"

All week my third grader has been asking to have her friend over to play.  I finally caved and agreed to an after school play-date and dinner.  

Leaving school I said to the 3 girls, "Let's go out to eat.  There's a new sushi place I've really been wanting to try."  "What?! Seriously?" came groans from the backseat.  
"Yeah.  Sushi Palace.  It's over by Target." 

As we drove on I was bomb-barded with: "Mom are we seriously eating sushi? We don't like sushi?" (moaning, groaning, whining...)

"It's Friday.  Let's all try something new!" I declared as we pulled into the local 54th Street.  I purposefully drove around the back, making my way through the entire parking lot.  "Man it's busy! Everyone must be excited for Sushi Palace!"

As we parked the 3 kids looked at each other trying to decide if I was lying.  
"This is 54th Street" someone said.

"Yep but Sushi Palace is in the back of 54th Street." 

As we waited in the foyer with our pager the kids slumped against the wall.  My daughter's friend stated, "I think I had sushi when I was 4 and then I puked."  (Poor kid... she was really regretting coming to dinner with us.)

We were eventually seated at our table where the hostess passed out the menus.  
"So can we just get regular 54th Street food?" the kids asked.
"Oh no, they just gave you that menu so you could pick your drink.  They are only serving sushi tonight.  Do you see by the drinks where it says "included"?  That means with the sushi."  

Just at that moment the lights dimmed for dinner hour.  "Sushi time!"  
The waiter approached our table and gave the usual, "How's everybody doing tonight?"
"We are great!" I replied.  "We are SO excited for sushi night!" (kids exchange glances)

"Oh yeah," answers the waiter,  "we have fish, crab, shrimp..." 
The kids' jaws dropped.  (Score! Best waiter ever.)

As we waited for our drinks I asked the kids what they normally like to eat at 54th Street.  They ramble off things like: cheeseburger, tacos, pasta.  After that no one spoke.  They were clearly worried.

As the waiter came back to take our order, I quickly ordered a steak and baked potato.  The kids hesitated.  "I'm just messing with you guys.  You can order whatever you want."


You never saw such happily shocked little girls.  They joyfully placed their orders for their favorite foods and as the waiter departed one of the kids said, "So I don't get it.  Is there really a Sushi Palace here?"

Too funny.  Totally worth it. Kinda mean, but lovely ;o)